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Upcoming Events:

[BCIC Roadshow] BCIC Mar 2018 AI Roadshow (2018.03.02)

Past Events:

[BCIC Seminar Series] BCIC Jan 2018 Finance Gathering (2018.01.19)

[BCIC Seminar Series] BCIC December 2017 Blockchain Gathering (2017.12.15) 简报

[BCIC Seminar Series] BCIC December 2017 Biotech Gathering (2017.12.01)  简报

[BCIC Seminar Series] BCIC November 2017 Finance Gathering (2017.11.17) 简报

[BCIC Seminars Series] BCIC November 2017 Fintech Gathering (2017.11.02) 简报

[BCIC Roadshow]: BCIC October 2017 Healthcare Roadshow (Biomedical Devices) (2017.10.13)

[BCIC Roadshow]: BCIC October 2017 Fintech Roundtable Discussion (2017.10.09)

[BCIC Annual Roadshow]: 2017海外大众创业万众创新周波士顿专场 (2017.09.09)   会议报道

[BCIC Collaboration]: 兴业证券中美投资总监波士顿圆桌会议 (2017.09.11)

[BCIC Roadshow]: BCIC Aug 2017 Quant Trading Roadshow (2017.08.24)

[BCIC Outing]: BCIC August 2017 BCIC Golf Experience (2017.08.19)

[BCIC US-China Private Roadshows]: BCIC Aug 2017 Healthcare Roadshow (2017.08.10)

[BCIC Roundtable Discussion]: BCIC July 2017 BCIC Fintech Brainstorming & Roadshow (2017.07.25)

[BCIC Roundtable Discussion]: BCIC July 2017 Healthcare Brainstorming & Roadshow (2017.07.14)

[BCIC Roundtable Discussion]: BCIC June 2017 Fintech Brainstorming (2017.06.28) 简报

[BCIC Seminar Series]: BCIC June Seminar – Fintech and Scientific Investing in China (2017.06.02) 简报

[BCIC Annual Roadshow] 2017 May Sino-US Capital Roadshow (2017.05.05) 会议报道

[BCIC Seminar Series] YAOZHI Asset Management Co. LLP (2017/04/10) 简报

[BCIC Seminar Series] Liqing Zhang (2017/3/17) 简报

[BCIC Seminar Series] Tonya S. James, Arthur R. Kerr II (2017/02/17) 简报

[BCIC Seminar Series] Yudong Hou (2017/01/20) 简报

[TCFA Annual Reception] Bin Qi (2016/11/07)

TCFA 22nd Annual Conference (New York, 2016/11/06)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Xiongwei Zhou (2016/10/06)

[Boston Academy Seminar] Yuqian Xu (2016/07/29)

[Boston Academy Seminar] Shengqiang Xu (2016/07/15)

[BCIC Internship] Valueconnect Capital (2016/06/07)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Suxiang Peng (2016/05/20)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Edward Qian (2016/04/29)

[TCFA BiAnnual Reception] TCFA Boston 2016 Spring Reception (2016/03/31) News Letter

[BCIC Seminar Series] Ashley Guan (2016/03/04)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Fuxiang Pan (2015/12/09)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Joy Xu (2015/11/23)

[TCFA BiAnnual Reception /BCIC Seminar Series] Charles Wang (2015/11/13)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Ning Wu (2015/10/29)

[Outdoor Series] BCIC /TCFA Boston 2015 Golf Tournament (2015/08/17)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Qi Zhang (2015/07/31)

[BCIC Seminar Series] Jingsong Xu (2015/06/26)

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